Simple Summer Earring Collection

Guess what's coming to Lilyvine Design?! Super cute and ultra adorable clay EARRINGS!

When I first thought about starting my little business, Lilyvine Design, it was originally focused on graphic design… then watercolor worked its way into my life. Since then, I’ve been able to incorporate all types of design into my small shop, whether it’s through photography (not that I’m any type of professional in that category, I just thoroughly enjoy taking pictures haha), decorating and staging, graphic design, and gift packaging. 

The truth is I just love all the different avenues of design! So working with polymer clay has been a new journey of design that I have really enjoyed and wanted to share! Although, watercolor will most likely always be my main area, I’m looking forward to incorporating different elements of design into Lilyvine down the road just because I just love it all too much! Always thankful for your support!

Make sure you check back here on JULY 10 to snag a pair of new earrings!

To see more of what earrings you can expect to find, find us on Instagram @lilyvinedesign

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