Message from the Artist

Well, Hello There!

My name is Sousan and I am the artist behind Lilyvine Design!

In addition to painting, I am also the person behind-the-scenes (the sole employee). I’m the editor, printer, photographer, designer, shipping department, social media manager, accountant, and customer service rep!

I love it all and I’m super duper happy you’re here!


So how did Lilyvine Design start?

I have a background in graphic design but have a love and appreciation for traditional art. One day, I decided to pair this love of art with my love of travel. I had many pictures from past trips and decided to paint some of the city scenes I had taken pictures of. The different feelings that each new place evokes just by walking around the streets and parks is something I find so comforting and it’s the thing that I miss the most when I leave. It’s a comfort and warmth I try to capture in my artwork. I ended up with what would be the first five cities of the City Collection Watercolor Prints (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Venice, and Santorini). I loved how they turned out and thought they would make great art for others who shared my love of traveling and who wanted to preserve the memories of their favorite cities!

Since that small beginning, the City Collection has continued to grow along with a few other exciting art print collections and original pieces. Having art with a fun, illustrated style keeps our lives a little bit more relaxed and uplifting! 

When I’m not drawing or painting, I’m probably focused on the behind-the-scenes stuff or looking for areas in which I can improve my knowledge of running a small business!


Some other tidbits about me:

- I’m an extroverted introvert (it definitely has to be a real thing)

- I love coffee… I think its such a comforting beverage (especially with hazelnut creamer)

- I feel at my happiest during rainy and gloomy days

- I really enjoy traveling but I also love being at home

- I’m an authentic perfectionist... It’s the best part about me but also the worst part about me

It has brought me so much joy being able to create artwork that I love and that I am able to share with others. Running a small business has probably been the most difficult adventure I have ever taken but I have thoroughly loved every minute of it and I am beyond appreciative of all the support I have received. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little and for browsing my creations!

To stay up to date on new art that will be coming to the website, check out @LilyvineDesign on Instagram!

Your Lilyvine Design Artist,

Sousan Abdul-Razzak